An Open Letter to Dav Pilkey

Dear Dav Pilkey:

I like you, I really like you, even though you spell your first name without an “e” and even though your characters in the Captain Underpants series are terribly obnoxious.  I like you because for the past three years my son, now eight, has been an avid reader.  But I’ve got a gripe or two.

First, what’s up with only writing six Ricky Ricotta books? I can forgive you Pluto, but you’re missing two whole real planets.  After giving me his own personal inquisition about why you’ve not finished the series, my son has devolved to Calvin and Hobbs as his source of reading inspiration.  Let’s not go there, that kid and his tiger are real trouble.  I know you’re not dead and are writing other stuff, so please finish the planets!

Second, I wrote a book.  It’s a sad sort of inspirationalish kind of grown up book that your audience would not appreciate.  However, it’s about my son, and when I showed him my web site (this web site) he wanted to know why I don’t have “games” on my web site like Dav Pilkey.

So, my son likes you better than he likes me, which I can accept but only if you will just finish your series.  Come on, do it for the kids!

Amanda (aka Liam’s Mom)

P.S. how do I get games on my website?

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