Monthly Column Coming – Cause Warriors!

I have lots of friends. Seriously, once I’m you’re friend you’re stuck with me.  I don’t care if I met you when we were five (Ruby), twelve (Brandy), seventeen (Christine) or twenty (Relyn), yep, stuck with me for all of time!  I keep in touch occasionally and want to be there for you if you need me.

So, having lots of friends and being a Heart Warrior, I have many friends who are cause warriors for other causes.  Last week I wrote about my friend Heather and shared our mutual frustration about Breast Cancer awareness overshadowing the necessary breast cancer RESEARCH and affordable care for women who need to be screened but don’t have the means.

That inspired me to choose a Cause Warrior every month to honor.  Where possible, I’ll be choosing from my friends.  Occasionally, I may focus on someone I admire from afar.  These will not all be Heart Warriors, though some will be.  But they will all be passionate advocates for a cause that needs attention and for people who need help.  Most people will be ordinary folks like me who you’ve never heard of but there may be a famous person or two who pop up occasionally.

Cause warriors are heroes in my eyes because they are faced with adversity and instead of crumbling they punch adversity in the face.  So, follow my blog, and come along for the ride as each month you meet a new Cause Warrior – ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

If you know a Cause Warrior I should meet and profile, use the Ask Amanda link to let me know more.

Tell me what you think.

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