It Takes a Heartland

Those of you who have ever played a board game with me will not be surprised to hear that I’m a little bit, um how do you say it, oh yes . . . Competitive.  I don’t like to win, I live to win.  It’s usually  just the winning I want, not the reward.  I would have been a good cat, going for the kill and giving away the prize.  Sigh . . . I’m odd. I know.  I’m not so much an overachiever as the owner of a  twisted competitive streak  Marcus Buckingham calls it a strength, I call it Amandaness.  I’ve tried to change, but that competitive impulse is trapped in my spine like adamantium.

In reality, my crazy Monica-Geller-esque problem has worked well for the cause of CHD.  I want to make every event a success, raise more money for research, get the word out like mad.  My tirelessness for “the cause” is absolutely driven by my huge love for my little Liam and the need of my friends parenting kids like mine, but I get some traction from my competitive nature.  Losing really isn’t an option, not just because I want to win, but because I want Liam to live a full and happy life.

I NEED Heart Warriors to succeed because the word MUST get out to the rest of the world about CHD, the NUMBER ONE LETHAL BIRTH DEFECT on the planet – so many people don’t know that! There are hundreds of books about autism available through the mainstream, but I dare you to find one mainstream book about CHD in your local bookstore – go ahead and try.  If they were out there, I wouldn’t have written mine.  Heart Warriors is important not because of me and Liam but because we need a book in brick and mortar stores and in libraries that tells the CHD tale.  I want it to be successful to give a stronger agenda to CHD in public and political discourse.  Those are huge wins that benefit many.

I’d love to earn back the money I spend on parties, promotional cards, “Heart On Your Sleeve” give-aways (more later),  posters, and my publicist.  I’m not looking to get rich, just to break even on the investment of my own money.  But even if I take a loss on this book, if it gets to the people who need it and starts a dialog, then it was money well spent.    Yet, Little Miss Kicks-A$$ in Backgammon, Mortal Kombat and Bushido Blade (it was a long time ago and does this surprise you after my adamantium comment?) really wants to see her little book rise up and get noticed.  Again, not for the reward but for the success itself and the accomplishment of reaching the masses with an important message of hope.

In the book, I coin the term “Heartland” to describe those of us impacted by and motivated to fight Congenital Heart Disease and save and improve the lives of the millions struggling with it.  Here’s how YOU people of the Heartland, both loyal friends and total strangers can help (I’m a strategic thinker – Marcus Buckingham would be proud):

  1. YouTube  watch the book trailer, and if you already watched it SHARE IT!  So far we’ve had almost 500 hits.  Let’s try to get to 2500 by March 31 – Book Launch Party Day!!! This is the easiest thing to do because there is no account information, just watch a video!  If you already watched it, please send it to someone who has not.  Seriously, five times five – just get five more people to watch it!
  2. You’re looking at my blog RIGHT NOW – Thanks!  Now look over to the right just a little bit.  See that little bubble that says “Sign Me Up?” Quick click it and follow instructions.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you – go, quick, click! Now you’re following my Blog! Yay! You are awesome! Go Team!  Today I have ten followers, let’s try to get to 500 by March 31st.
  3. Facebook, (sensing a trend ‘eh?),get 1000 people to Like My Page before March 31st.  Can we build it? Yes we Can! Send your friends!
  4. Twitter (you knew that was next), yep 1000 Twitter Followers before the book comes out. There are over 2 million kids and adults living with CHD today, that’s an additional  3.6 million heart parents, and y’all have friends.  We can get 1000 right?!
  5. This is the most important item on this list.  Share all of the above! Send people to this page.  Retweet this blog post. Calling all Heart Warriors and Warrior Wannabes, this book is for YOU, so spread the word.  You all know people I don’t know, let’s annex more space in the Heartland!

And if you happen to know anyone who owns a bookstore, works at a TV news station, radio station, newspaper, magazine, or more popular blog than mine who would like to interview me . . . well SCORE! Want me to speak at your event?  Hit the Ask Amanda link if you’ve got leads!  Together we can put this little book and CHD on the path the national attention and get more much deserved and long overdue media coverage for CHD.

Please help me make a difference by spreading the word.  It’s free, easy, and good for your heart!

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