An Open Postscript to the Gods of Powerball

Dear Gods of Powerball:

I’m so sorry! I was busy working, then I had to do Friday folders on Wednesday at lunch because there is no school the rest of the week, THEN I worked the book fair at school.  I was so busy helping out today that I did not buy my Powerball ticket, so if you would kindly hold the jackpot for my until Saturday, I promise to get my ticket tomorrow.  They won’t let me buy one right now because I missed the cut off by 13 minutes.

Now, I realize that had I not had dinner, I could have gotten a ticket, and that’s my own selfishness, but I am sure in your benevolence that you can find it in your cash rich hearts to forgive me.  I’ll be out tomorrow to get a home for our new rescued crayfish, and will get the ticket then.  Mr. Aggressive needs new digs.

Most kindly,


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