Bracelet Update – I’m out of beads

Evening update –

So far today we’ve had $75 in donations, plus my 100 and that’ll get us a few hundred more bracelets next weekend.  Unless we get a bit more tonight I will cut the pending list into fourths and notify the last 3/4 that there won’t be anymore bracelets after this coming weekend.  The top 1/4 will get bracelets.  I’ll notify those who make the cut tomorrow.  Also, unless we get another $25 in donations tonight, I won’t be giving away a book. . . so, now’s your chance, the odds are pretty good that you’ll win a book if you contribute.  🙂

Short Update

So, I needed to make this post really quickly before work.  If I can raise enough to buy more beads today (volunteers at the ready for the weekend, but I need to order TODAY to make it work), I will – otherwise I have to stop with the 1800 bracelets (details follow).  If I can raise $315 dollars today, I will be able to make all the bracelets that have been requested so far and ship most of them by Valentine’s Day.  If not, I’m done this Saturday.  If I get some portion of that, I’ll buy what I can and use that up making what I can.

You can donate through paypal to  DO NOT EMAIL that address, it’s my husband’s paypal account and he CANNOT answer your bracelet questions.  If you have a question about bracelets, ask me through my form.  If you donate through PayPal, please just use the word BRACELET in your subject or text.

Oh yeah – I forgot this the first time I posted, for every $100 we raise today, I will donate one free autographed copy of my book to a luck donor – so if we make our goal, that’s three books I will give away in March when my publisher mails them to me.


  1. I simply cannot accept any more orders for 2012, but when I get caught up I’ll make an update.
  2. As of today I’ve made over 1000 bracelets (thanks for helping Cindy!)
  3. I have mailed more than 75 sets (800 actual bracelets) and will mail 32 more packages today.
  4. I have about 400 – 600 bracelets being made by friends that should be done on Friday
  5. I have enough stuff to make about 200 more – then I have absolutely no supplies left
  6. I have several people willing to help me next weekend but not enough supplies for them.
  7. I have about 2100 more bracelets requested but not enough supplies to make them
  8. I have received exactly $100 total from four people (thanks Jen M., Suzy D., Dotty M. & Stephanie M.)
  9. I have spent the following:
  • Bracelet supplies (not counting what I had on hand): $325
  • Envelopes: $83
  • Postage $90 to date, another $61 later today for the bracelets that are ready to go: $151
  • Total = $559, less $100 donation = $449
  • My goal was to spend about $300 total, so I’m $149 over budget

To make the remaining 2100 requested bracelets, I  need the following things (already in my shopping cart):

  1. 7 quantity pckg.  Silver Beads = $159.75
  2. 35 quantity  pckg. bracelet wire = $99.74
  3. 45 quantity pckg.  Red Heart Beads = $ 131.13
  4. 21 quanity package Pins $22.68

Total with handling fee = $415.98 and then there’s shipping, which I’m willing to get and I’m willing to front another $100 of my own money and shipping and envelopes if the “public” will help me with the rest of the supplies.  So, for Paypal.

Tell me what you think.

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