January Cause Warrior . . . it’s me – and I bled for it!

Actually, I had a few candidates for January’s Cause Warrior.  One of them was  for December, but she didn’t get back to me.  Another was too busy for this month but she may show up in March or April, and the fourth was Jane Addams (who I will get to eventually because she was my hero when I was 8 and still has much to teach us).  The third candidate would have been a great cause warrior, but alas, I’ve been so freaking busy for my own causes I didn’t find time to interview her.  That’s the thing about cause warriors, we’re always busy.

So, here is a run down of what I’ve been doing that prevented me from profiling someone better:

1.  The bracelets, the holy bracelets! I’ve made over 1000 bracelets AND mailed them as far away as Japan to spread CHD awareness.  I expect (with help) to make another 1200, but that’s it.  I have blisters on all of my fingers and I’m out of money.

2. I have a bill on Capitol Hill.  Any I’ll be meeting with more legislators and movers and shakers next week to fight for Pulse Ox screening in Colorado.  Yes, I have a sponsor for a piece of legislation and this has all happened in less than two weeks.

3. I’m helping my awesome friend Melissa (marginally, she’s doing most of the work) with Craft Your Heart Out (it’s on Facebook) our 12 hours marathon of ladies having fun with scrap-booking, beads, embroidery, food and friends! All funds go to the Children’s Heart Foundation.  Come! Have FUN with us!

4.  Working on the Children’s Heart Foundation Chapter and web stuff – meeting on Saturday.

5. I gave blood today – and so should every able-bodied person ’cause it keeps kids like Liam and millions of others alive each year.  Pictures in the slideshow below.

So, I’m tooting my own horn this month partly because I’m too busy to toot anyone else’s horn this month, and partly because I really didn’t want to miss a month in the series.  So this is me being lazy (and yes I know I’m also crazy).  Oh, and while I’m at it, if you live in Northern Colorado, I’m giving a shout out to the Garth Englund Blood Center where you should stop by and donate.  And! Don’t forget to register for Be the Match while we’re on this topic. There are so many ways you can help save a life, so don’t fear the needle!  And speaking of needle fear, if you have it – avoid the slide show!

Tell me what you’re doing to fight for your causes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. I wish I could still give blood… I use to do it all the time before my kids. I’m not sure what happened after I had my first son but they can no longer get a full pint of blood out of me, my vein collapses. It doesn’t matter it i over hydrate, or take an asprin a few hours before hand (which one of the nurses told me to do) or drink a caffinated beverage. It’s the weirdest thing…

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