You say you want a resolution? Well you know I got you covered! With help from Representative Fischer and Senator Boyd, the Colorado Board of Health, The Colorado Children’s Hospital, and The March of Dimes – and oh yeah me and heart mom Dawn Bent, the Colorado House and Senate will vote on a Resolution stating the critical importance of Congenital Heart Defects in the state of Colorado AND calling for pulse ox research to implement the best standards of care for our babies!!!

Yes! It’s happening! It’s HAPPENING and you can be a part of it!

Come to the Colorado State Capitol the morning of FRIDAY, Feb 24th and watch history unfold as our legislature recognizes how important Congenital Heart Defects are and that they are different from adult onset cardiovascular disease or childhood obesity. Heart Defects are Birth Defects and we’re standing up and taking over how this disease is seen and represented.

So, join me and Dawn and our families and our state representatives. I will be handing out hearts and safety pins so you can wear your heart on your sleeve for CHD! Join us and help us count the 50,000 Coloradans, 2 million Americans, and millions of global citizens living with CHD, and pay tribute to the millions more no longer with us.

FRIDAY Feb 24, have a heart – be at the Capitol!

Watch this site for more details about where to gather:

Tell me what you think.

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