Amanda Promotes . . . Man Caves?

Think of everyone you know. Siblings, parents, grandparents, kids, cousins, coworkers, teachers, professors, old classmates, neighbors, fellow parishioners, people you get friendly with at the gym or your kids’ preschool.  We all know a lot of people.

Now, think about this: there are about two million Americans living with Congenital Heart Defects. This  roughly means two million heart moms, two million heart dads, four million heart grandparents and millions more heart sisters, brothers, cousins, friends, teachers, etc.   Our network is enormous.  So, I was not shocked but am delighted to have “met” a heart dad named Tom Riles.

Tom works for the Ellen DeGeneres show as a warm-up comedian, and so he lives in LA and his little girl had her heart surgery at the same hospital where Liam had his first surgery.  As fellow heart parents served by the same hospital we have two things in common, maybe three if I’m as funny as I think I am . . . OK, so we have two things in common.

Tom is doing a really fun fundraiser that won’t cost you a penny but can raise up to $5000 for Children’s Los Angeles.  Basically, you go to his web site and sign up for the “man cave,” that’s it, easy peesy. Instructions and more info follow.  You don’t even have to be a man or an Amanda – you can be one of those exponentially huge number of people who just loves someone with CHD or even better one of those people WITH CHD. Given that my site had over 3,000 unique hits when I gave away bracelets, I think we can help Tom out with some Man Cave subscribers, don’t you?  Pass this along!

Please do  READ my ode to LA post about how much I LOVE this hospital and understand why you should help by creating your own Man Cave.  It’ll take you two minutes to sign up but it will create funds to help families in crisis at CHLA.

Instructions/ How to help: Visit to subscribe to the  “Man  Cave”  experience where users  already come and see comedic videos,  read funny and heart-­warming blog posts,  and watch celebrity “dad” interviews.

More info:  From now  until May 19, 2012 for every new Man Cave subscriber Life of Dad registers, Ralph’s Grocery Company will donate $1 to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles’s Heart Institute (up to $5000).

Do it for the the CHD person in your life, or do it because there is an interview with Fonzie (aka Henry Winkler) which is its very own sort of awesome.

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  1. Amanda, thanks for joining Life of Dad…After all, you’re “A man…duh.” Tommy Riles, David Guest, and I are so excited to work around the clock to build this destination for fathers, mothers, and the CHD community worldwide…and we are so honored to be working with Ralph’s and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles to raise CHD awareness. Thanks for spreading the good word on your website! We hope you and yours love Life of Dad. This is just the beginning…There’s so much more in store for you. Literally. (Hint: L.o.M.)

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