The Lay of the Heartland, Part One: Under My Influence

This is a five six part series about how charitable money flows in and out of the Heartland and how I’ve chosen sides on this important issue.  This series is only intended to inform and inspire you to make up your own mind about how or if you want to be an advocate for CHD issues and how you want to do that.

A few times in the past month persons I hold in high regard have accused me of having, are you ready for this . . . influence!”  Me, influential? . . . you never would have suspected that had you seen me in high school with less self esteem than a slug and the confidence of a baby deer.  But alas, I respect these people and if they think I have influence, then I want to wield it responsibly.

The Discontent in the Heartland post I wrote received more than 800 visits in less than a day.  I think a hit a nerve.  There was a lot of feedback both here and on Facebook, but only one complaint.  The complaint was about my statement about the American Heart Association, which I stand by because it’s entirely true.  I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true or couldn’t be proved by their own documentation.  However, not everyone feels that it is safe, right, reasonable, or responsible to write off the AHA like I have done, and that’s a fair perspective and one I’m not afraid to give a voice right here.

This series is about choosing your team and who you work with and what you’re working for in a way that suits your own goals and needs.  I cannot tell families and friends who or what to support, only who and what I support and give others a chance to share their experiences.  I will say, as we go on this tour of influence in the Heartland, that ultimately what you do or don’t do is up to you.  I appreciate it when you listen to me, but I hope my greatest influence on anyone is to prompt each person to think things through and make informed choices that feel good in their own hearts.


  1. Please share your story on my website Quest of Heart. Share your stories and pictures in the forum! The more we share our stories, the more we learn from each other. We may not all agree with each others thoughts or choose of treatments, doctors, or therapies, yet if you found something that changed your heart for the better; it may touch the heart of someone else! KEEP SHARING!

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