I need your ideas

Let me be blunt, this post is about money.  I hate money, I hate spending it, saving it, thinking about it, worrying about it, holding it, losing it, all of it.  I don’t like money.  It makes me nervous.

Let me be more blunt, for my daily life I don’t have money troubles.  This is mostly because we live very frugally, and I have even written about it as a guest blogger years ago. No cable or satellite, one car, smart shopping, etc.  But, I now I find myself in need of some cash for two purposes:

1. To record my audio book. I reserved my audio rights and want to record it professionally for sell online.

2. To take my book tour outside of Colorado. Specifically, I would like to go to New York, Boston, Chicago, LA, and Houston.  That’s five cities and from Denver with Hotel, that’s not in my budget.

So, I applied for and was accepted into the Kickstarter online grant funding program.  This program let’s me ask for funds to cover the expenses of travel and recording the book.  If I raise enough money, I have a book tour.  If I don’t, everyone gets their money back.

Here’s what I need from you – ideas.  Kickstarter recommends offering “rewards” to contributors.  So, I am offering a free copy of the audio book to those who donate $10 or more and that plus a copy of the actual book for those who donate $50 or more, and for those who contribute $1500 I’ll speak for free about CHD at any event in the USA (travel not included).  These are my ideas, but I want your ideas.  What might be a better reward or different level?  I’m not good at incentives (remember I don’t like money).  I need your ideas – please share! I will plan to launch my kickstarter page in one week, so please share your ideas here!


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  1. I’ve never tried anything like Kickstarter, so I don’t have anything helpful to suggest in the way of incentives, Amanda.

    Have you tried sending a press release to organizations or hospitals that might invite you to speak and pay your travel expenses?

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