Kickstart me

This is the follow up to my last blog post.  I did it, I used the great ideas my friends on Facebook and the blog offered up, and my Kickstarter project is live.

It is pretty simple. If I don’t make my funding goal, they return ALL of the money.  So, we have until my birthday, April 23, to raise the funds to fund the book tour so I can go to seven cities and to fund the recorded book.

Please check out the site, help if you can, and send it to others who might want to help.

I don’t have anything to add.  Right now I’m working up the nerve to call Liam’s cardiologist and ask him to just schedule the darned pacemaker so we can plan a family vacation and summer camp fun for Liam and have it in the past instead of looming ahead of us.

Honestly, that’s far more preoccupying than the book the book tour or anything else, so I’m releasing this project into the atmosphere and if fate funds it then great!  If not, well then it wasn’t meant to be.  We’ll know in 28 days.

PS – Thanks Aunt Jan for your $100! I love the Jan Fan!!!

Tell me what you think.

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