Kickin’ it to the curb. . . or just a slow start?

I decided to try a Kickstarter campaign based on advice from a Goodreads blogger who had success with it funding book promotion.  Now, I am three days in. I have six backer, five on the site, and I’m wondering if it was worth the many hoops I had to jump through to be approved. The service and the processor take 10%, which is fine for providing the service, but I had to consider that in the budget.  They have so many success stories on their site, it makes me wonder how many project don’t get funded and simply disappear.

If my project isn’t funded, everyone gets their money back.  This is good, but it makes me wonder if I should have JUST tried to fund the audio book, that would be about 1/4 of the funds I needed.  It would have been smaller and maybe easier to fund.  But, I put the book tour in the project because I really think it’s absolutely necessary to get Heart Warriors out there where people who don’t know me can meet me and learn about the book.  I’m super grateful for the six people who’ve stepped up on the first day to back me.  I fo believe in the project, but after three days I’m not confident I have the moxie to make the goal.

I am not comfortable asking for money.  I do it all the time for research dollars, but that’s where I’ve drawn the line.  I’m not my own best cheerleader, that’s for sure! I do believe in the importance of Heart Warriors and I do believe that the audio book and the travel to meet people in person is critical.  Now, do I believe in me enough to “sell” that and start annoying people with emails?  I’m having a crisis of confidence.

You can help, you can contribute just $5 and ask other people to sponsor at the $5 level.  That’s not a lot, it’s just a latte.  🙂 Mostly it’s the asking other people that will help me.  Could you do that? I’d appreciate it!


Tell me what you think.

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