We Need a Sequel and Why

A few weeks ago, Jim and I were talking about my second book Lot 109, Tales from the Trailer Park.  Liam asked why that was the titled, clearly surprised.  I asked him why he was surprised and he said, “Oh, I just thought it would beHeart Warriors 2, you know, like Toy Story 2.”  I told him he could write that book.

Now, I’m taking that back, but only slightly.  Liam will be interviewed for Heart Warriors 2 and when he is a grown up he can write Heart Warriors 3, or maybe 4.  But last night, a lovely Adult with CHD, her name is Erin, wrote a very kind review of the original Heart Warriors.  Only, there was one, tiny but significant part that she differed with.  That was the way I see CHD scars differently than she does.  That essential difference kept me up all night – literally.

I finally fell asleep after I vowed to write Heart Warriors Two: Adults Facing Congenital Heart Disease and What They Can Teach Us and Each Other.  I’ve officially decided, that while I’ll keep working on Lot 109 opportunisitically, I need to do Heart Warriors Two because that book needs to exist just as much as the first one did.  I’m not qualified to speak FOR Adults with CHD because I’m not one.  But, I am qualified to retell their stories in a compilation that gives a variety of voices a chance to speak about their hopes, dreams, nightmares, and concerns.

So, that’s what I’m going to do.  If you’re an adult with CHD and you would like to be interviewed for my next book, please visit this page: http://wp.me/P1si9K-rg and complete the original assessment.  Anyone who is selected and agrees to participate will be sent a packet in the mail and a timeline for participation.  Read the entire page.  If you know someone who would qualify and make an awesome interview subject, please forward this information.  This book will benefit all of us in the Heartland by building bridges and greater understanding and empathy.  If it goes well, I think I’ll do a third interviewing bereft families because I cannot speak for them either.

Heart Warriors, the original is a great book. It tells one third of the Heartland Story, but after talking to Erin I know the work has only just begun.

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