My First Event

Tonight I attended my first event, the Local Author Showcase at the Bookworm in Edwards, CO.  I’m so grateful to Kelli for organizing this wonderful event and kindly including me.   I met lots of amazing local authors.  Nine of us were there, and I bought four of eight other books and am excited to read and share them.

I enjoyed conversations with aspiring writers about the book writing and publishing process.  The other published authors were so excited for me that this was my first event and that enthusiasm was energizing.

Despite only signing two books, I consider the night a success. Nearly everyone who talked to me already knew someone with a heart defect and a “zipper” scar, but none of them knew how common CHD is.  Whether they bought the book or not, they know now.  That was a huge part of why I wrote the book, so I don’t mind if poetry, mystery, romance, etc. fans don’t want to necessarily buy and read Heart Warriors.  It’s OK because they got the message that CHD isn’t going away and needs to be recognized.

The hard part is always when people tell me how sorry they are about Liam, and they think the book would be too hard for them to read. Jim also made the point that some people might have been afraid to talk to me because they wouldn’t know what to say.  This bothers me because the book isn’t about feeling sorry for myself or Liam, and it’s CERTAINLY not about making people feel sorry for us.

Heart Warriors is about inspiring people to see the value in all life, especially a life that was so hard fought.  It’s a difficult journey that ends with a celebration of life, and I hope people will grow to see that and not fear the rough waters. From the outside, Heart Warriors may not seem it is for everyone, but with an open heart and an open mind, anyone can open the book and embrace the message of hope.

I’ll be in Grand Junction on Sunday and hope to meet other heart families there. This will be “my crowd,” and I hope it is a crowd indeed.  I’m proud of my book, and I’m honored to be able to share it.

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  1. I ordered your book today, and can’t wait to read it. I definatly will be passing it along to my family to read when I am done. I have been following your blogging for awhile now, and you are such an inspiration and have great words of wisdom. Thank you for writing this book!

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