Midway Book Tour Highlights

I wrote about this a little in my BookTrib blog post, but I had a new event last night and wanted to share some highlights from the experience so far.

First, let’s get the bad news out of the way: No big book tour will happen.  It’s just two days until the Kickstarter fund drive for a larger book tour ends.  While I had $400 pledged offline and $500 pledged online, that is almost enough to do the audio book but no travel, which is great for the audio book. However, unless the site collects the full goal amount, all donations are cancelled and returned.  This is all but certain to happen at the present level, and that’s ok.  So, I really have about $400 pledged in real money.  For those who donated on Kickstarter and get a refund, I’ll have a restructured plan to help fund the audio book recording if you’re still interested. Since the goal will be so much lower, the plans will be simpler too.

That said, I expect to be in Chicago for charity work in the fall and will do my best to do an event while I’m there if I can make that happen.  And, if/when the opportunity to go to a bigger city happens, I’ll try to do readings there too.

Now, for the Colorado book tour! We’ve had three events at The Bookworm in Edwards, Barnes & Noble in Grand Junction, and last night Barnes & Noble in Aurora.  They were all great.  Smaller groups allowed for great conversations, and I’ve sold a few dozen books which is very exciting!

My fourth event is on Monday, which is also my birthday, at Centerra Barnes & Noble in Loveland (6:30 pm).  I hope several of my local friends will attend.  If you can’t the fifth event is May 12, at the Barnes & Noble in Fort Collins.  Then the last event for this leg is May 19th at the Citadel Barnes & Noble location in Colorado Springs.

I’m taking a break in June, lest Liam actually gets that pace maker that’s been such a focal point in our medical conversations.  He has one more test to go. It’s a mixed bag – if he NEEDS it absolutely he should get it without further delay.  If he can wait, the advantages are less toxic drugs and he might grow just a little more.  He’s at the size where I’m not sure if he’ll get a child sized or adult sized pacemaker, and that matters for the long term.  Plus as much as I would love to be past this tension and have it done, no parent wants her child to have his chest opened unnecessarily, so this is where we are for the next five or six weeks.

Then on August 24, I will be at the Tattered Cover in Highland’s Ranch (this was just booked yesterday).  I would also like to do a reading at Woody’s Newsstand in Greeley in September.  My dad used to take me there when I was a little girl.  Hopefully, Chicago will be a go in October, and we’ll see what happens.

Thanks for enduring the booktour report!


  1. I’ll be at the Colorado Springs May 19th! My prayers are with you all for Liam’s future!!
    Congratulations for your Book. Love, Jan

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