May I Join Your Book Club?

The first rule about book club is never talk about book club. . . oh wait, no, that’s fight club.  So, let’s talk about book club!!!

I love book clubs and really want to join one, when I’m done with my current two books-in-progress.  But since I don’t have time to devote to a monthly club right now, I really would love to visit yours!

Heart Warriors has two book club guides in the back.  The Heartlander Guide is for families and support networks dealing with Congenital Heart Defects (or other pediatric health crises) .  This can be a healing experience for the family and their friends and extended family to understand what they’re dealing with and how best to support them.

The Standard Book Club Guide is based on questions I was asked by the first book club (the glorious bees) who read Heart Warriors. They weren’t heart moms, but they loved the book, and I think your bookclub will love it too.

Please consider hosting Heart Warriors at your upcoming book club. If I live in your area, I’ll do my best to come to the session if you want me there. Otherwise, I’m happy to join you via video cast on Skype and help you set that up.  I have everything on my end to make that happen and all you need is a computer and monitor, laptop, or ipad.   My publisher also has bookclub pricing options if you have a larger group.

Contact me for more information!

Tell me what you think.

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