Cheers to Wilbur’s and Say Cheese to Desiree!

I’m so proud to live in Northern Colorado where people are kind and care about each other. A few months ago I went back to Wilbur’s Total Beverage (where we shop) to see if they would donate a bottle of Champagne for our Crop Your Heart Out event to benefit the Children’s Heart Foundation Colorado Chapter.  Not only did Mat Dinsmore, owner, give me the Champagne, he stepped up to help in a BIG way.

For the entire month of May, Mat (heart dad to Olivia) and his staff are asking all of their many, many customers to donate a dollar to the Children’s Heart Foundation Colorado Chapter.  As of last week, they had already raised over $1800! This is huge, not just because of the money, but because of the message.  CHD has gone mainstream in Fort Collins and people know what it’s about now.

Photography goddess, Desiree also made us the most beautiful poster of the “Faces of Congenital Heart Disease” and did free photo shoots to help us make our chapter web site all it can be.

These community partners are making a HUGE difference in the lives of children, one photo and one dollar at a  time.  These great human beings give me faith in my community and my mission.  I hope if you live near here you will give them your business.

Tell me what you think.

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