Who Cares?

My sister-in-law, Sarah, is a doll.  She’s adorable, kindhearted, and really, really sweet.  Yesterday, she hosted a skating party to raise money for the Congenital Heart Walk.  She was, understandably, disappointed that only the Adams family and one other heart family came.

I was thrilled to meet the other family in person, since I’ve known them online for over six years since their son was born.  Their son Isaiah, in turn, was THRILLED to meet Liam who is the first other “heart kid” he’d met.  Oh, he was such a sweetie pie!  I love when we have these events and I get to meet other members of the Heartland, so to me it was a HUGE success.  But I also understand Sarah’s deep disappointment.

I understand it so well because I’ve felt it so often.  In the nine years since Liam was born, I’ve planned and executed more events than I can recount.  Some have been more successful than I imagined possible, others have been crushing disappointments.  You just never know when people are going to show up, when they have too many conflicts, or when they just don’t care about your cause.  You never really know why no one shows up, so it always feels like they don’t care, whether or not that is true.  It just hurts when no one comes to your party, especially when the party is about helping others in need.

Honestly, seeing Sarah hurt and disappointed is worse for me than the doldrums of any of my own less-than-successful events.  She’s trying to help. She’s trying to make a difference.  I know how good it feels when it works out, and I know how bitterly biting it is when it doesn’t.  I wish I could take the sting away, but since I’ve never figured out the magic formula to get people to show up either, all I can do is commiserate.

It’s hard to separate ourselves from our causes, especially when our cause is on behalf of a little blonde haired-blue eyed boy who inches ever so tentatively around an ice rink, but smiles and waves at everyone passing him by, even if he’s wearing two different sized skates and pumping with half a heart.  That boy doesn’t give up, and neither do we.

So in all things, Sarah and I can both take our lead from Liam, one slippery inch at a time, while the world passes us by with more important things to do, and we never give up. When your cause is true, you can’t help but care.


If you care and you want to help, here’s a list of things you can support or attend and bring the CHD awareness cause along a little bit faster.  We thank you for your support!

No matter where you live, you can support Liam’s CHD Walk Page (even $5 is a vote of confidence in the cause):

If you live in Massachusetts, join my August Cause Warrior Donny Wilson for his ROCK The Fight Against CHD  Concert

If you’re in or near Northern Colorado, come to Sarah’s other event on  August 17 – The Children’s Heart Foundation Swimming Party at The Fun Plex from 6-9:00 pm. We need at least 100 people, or we don’t get to keep any money from it.

If you’re in the Denver Metro Area Aug. 24, come to my reading and talk about Advocacy at The Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch.

Come to the Rocky Mountain Congenital Heart Walk in Aurora, CO on Aug. 25 or just walk in any Congenital Heart Walk nearest you.  Stand up and be counted as someone who cares.

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  1. We were thrilled to meet you guys as well. Isaiah can’t stop talking about “the people he met!” So thanks to Sarah for providing us this opportunity!!

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