The Gift of Life

Dear friends, if you live in Colorado, please pull out your driver’s license and see if you have a ♥ on it. If you do, Congrats! You ARE and organ donor ((((FEEL MY LOVE)))). If not, please go here and register to be a donor:

Then feel more of my love. My friend Angela  Scott’s little girl Addison just got a new heart this week and a second chance at life. She’s three years old. The child who gave her his/her heart probably saved several lives as he/she lost life. What an amazing family to save lives in the time of greatest loss.

Please pray for Addison and her family.  Please pray for the family of the  child whose heart she inherited.  Please register and show support for those who gave the ultimate gift and in celebration of those whose lives were spared by it.
Then, the next time someone (like me) hits you up for medical research for things like artificial hearts and anti-rejection research, remember that the more we invest in alternatives, the less we will rely on the very small pool of organ donors.  I know, I know . . . medical research, death, organ donation, it’s all scary, but that’s life. You might be able, one day, to give life or be on the receiving end.
I’ve got the love – you’ve got the link! Register today!

Tell me what you think.

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