Hardly a Home Maker: Episode One, The Hall Closet

Anyone who knows me well knows that Jim (my better half) does all the house work in our home.  The only exceptions are:

1. Toilet bowl cleaning, he doesn’t see the point, so I make a point to do it.

2. Planning and packing for trips (I’m a Tetris champion and it shows in my mad packing skillz).

3. Shopping for the kids’ clothes.

4. Closet organization

Well, our upstairs hall closet was going the way of Fred Flintstone.  Luckily it was loaded with sheets and blankets instead of bowling balls, but it was still a huge mess.  This happens after a couple of years of throwing things in there.  The most recent closet shoving included the large plastic zipper bags from our new pillows.  In August we forgot our feather pillows at a hotel and replaced them with non-feather pillows (I’m allergic, but I refused to part with my beloved feather pillow until I simply forgot it at 6:00 am on my way to the Heart Walk).  I’m now two months feather free and haven’t had a sinus infection once . . . coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, I saved the bags thinking I would do something with them . . . eventually  Today I pulled everything out of the closet and it occurred to me – Moira pukes a LOT, especially this time of year.  Now this probably flashed in my head because 1). I usually only go to this closet at 3:00 am on nights Moira has thrown up all over her bed to groggily retrieve clean sheets and an extra blanket, and 2). The humidifiers were buried in the closet reminding that the season of sickness is upon us all.  Yes, Jim does most of the housework, but when it comes to pukey Moira, I’m the queen of cleaning up vomit, and this kids ralphs on her bed no fewer than four times a year, sometimes four time in one night.  I’m not kidding; she has a weak stomach and we often force her to sleep with a mixing bowl.  We’re so mean.

In an moment of inspiration and PPSD (post puke stress disorder) , I pulled the cardboard labels from inside the bags, flipped them over to the blank side and scribed with my Sharpie, “Emergency puke kit.” Then I put the labels back in the sleeves from which they came, but backward so I could see through the clear plastic. I then put the extra mattress pad, a set of sheets and two pillow cases, and a throw blanket in the bag and zipped ‘er up.  I made a second bag for Mo, and one for Liam.  Then, I used the remaining bags to store any extra sheets and blankets.  Voila, my closets is no longer collapsing.

I’m sure the Pintrest crowd could do better, but I’m loving that this is the fastest, most effective, and probably longest lasting closet organization I’ve ever done.  So, from the Hardly a Home Maker, this is my tip for what to do with those big plastic bags the next time you buy quilts, comforters or pillows. Next episode, “The Adventures of my Magic Eraser.”  Just kidding, I’m Hardly a Home Maker.

Ha ha! The next time I face barf at 3:00 am I shall be prepared!
The humidifiers are now under the kids’ sink in the bathroom, and I have TWO extra shelves in the closet that was once attacking me. I only got rid of two pillow cases, so this is just good organization. Yay me!

Tell me what you think.

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