Day Eleven: FireStarter

Every other weekend something seems to happen. Flood of the century: check. Major appliance breaks: check. Wiring explodes and starts flare (not full fire) in the ceiling: check.

Ah, the weekend.  I began my Friday, after dropping my children and husband off at school, by calling the fire department after turning on a light and hearing a loud pop before seeing and smelling a nice-sized plume of smoke. Shout out to the Poudre Valley Fire Authority – they are rock stars!

Thank you, Providence, for ensuring I’d have a day 11 blog post. Sometimes I feel like the human incarnation of the Twilight Zone – the Rod Serling kind, not the shiny vampire kind.

Short story: my house did NOT burn down, but I have some bad wiring that requires an electrician and was told by the firefighters to NOT turn on the switch until said electrician spends $ome quality time in my attic.

Long story: I just replaced our refrigerator and I have tree trimmers (no not the Christmas kind) coming next week to prevent Sally and Lightening McQueen (my kids named our trees) from falling through the roof that was just replaced two years ago.

Short story: I’m bleeding money, please buy my book, every little bit helps.

Happy weekend!

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