Day 20: How Do You Sleep on Sunday Nights?

Sunday is always such a mixed blessing. It begins relaxed and eases into a quiet afternoon. Then the tension of anticipation for a new week full of work and meetings, vet appointments, and after-school activities crowd the mind like they crowd the calendar.

By bedtime, we sullenly relinquish the last scraps of the weekend and head off to bed.  Then, so often, comes the Sunday insomnia.  Equal parts over-sleeping one morning and worrying about the next morning grind together to form a restless night. Even when sleep finds us, it is a fitful sleep full of anxieties and dreaming about not being on time or getting things done.

I’ve been adopting a routine for Sunday that involves the same routine as every other night. This routine involves a little yoga, breathing techniques, and aromatherapy.  However, over-sleeping on Sunday morning is my biggest failing.  If I could stop doing that, or stop doing it to excess, perhaps my Sunday night insomnia would lessen and my weeks begin more refreshed.

What do you do to make your weekend transitions smoother and your new weeks fresher?


  1. One night of the weekend that I try not to over-crowd is Saturday. If I’m too tired on Saturday night, Sunday morning is going to be a time of rest. Not an option, I want to be fresh and alert to start my Sunday morning with my church family and my mind open to receive the word. Turkey, warm milk I’ve heard help to sleep.

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