Moving on . . . or I’m SO over Shaun White

I hereby declare that this is the last time I will ever write about Shaun White.  Why? Because I’m over it. I’m over him. I’m done with this topic, and I’m moving on.  I wrote this article on Dec. 18th of LAST YEAR , but somehow it picked up speed last night again.  Maybe it’s because I tagged ye olde Hobbits; I don’t really know.  But in the past 18 hours 11,096 people have clicked on it.  How many of those people actual read it is debatable.  Even those who claimed to have read it, seemed to display selective reading skills and read what they wanted to read, whether they agreed with the post or not.

People are angry either at Shaun White, at the sad situation of awareness for Congenital Heart Defects, or at me.  People angry at me is kind of funny because I’m a short lady with a quiet voice who people don’t usually see or hear.  But, I suppose that was part of the point.  I was angry when I wrote that first post, but I’m not angry anymore. I haven’t been angry for some time.

This post isn’t about Shaun White. It’s about the point I was making with the first post, which is that fame is a powerful thing.  Point proven. Eleven thousand people did not find their way to  my blog because I’m so great. They came because of the topic of a famous person, and possibly Bilbo Baggins. Fewer people have clicked on my book trailer in two years than this one post in less than a day.

On April 16, of THIS YEAR, I wrote this blog post about my after thoughts on this topic of fame.  In the past eighteen hours, fourteen people clicked on it.  It’s better writing, more rational, and requires introspection and effort to appreciate.  Fourteen people clicked on it.  Even fewer people clicked on the hundreds of other, better blog posts I’ve written on this site.

I’m not going to write any more about this because I said all I have to say on April 16th.  To quote the amazing Elvis Costello, “I’m not angry anymore.”  I’m moving on.


  1. Your post from last year made its way around again when a fellow heart mom expressed her anger and hurt because she was being pressured into donating to st Jude funding, and while we can all agree that we don’t dislike them, or the fact that they get funding,we want then to. But its upsetting that so little is still unknown about CHD and we don’t have big names standing up for us, which would also put awareness to the public and head towards better research and on and on. Every time I have seen it shared today i comment and say how the wonderful lady wrote an awesome book that sits in my living room as reference to others along with a my heart CHD book.

  2. I went under hastag chd and zipperclub and found your post through Instagram. I read your letters and your post tonight. I feel like I understand where u are coming from. It’s not about Shaun white…. It’s about the fact that there is no funding or prevention for CHDs. Myself I have TGA and had open heart surgery. I have personally known 3 teens who died of undiagnosed CHDs and countless kids and teens who have died from undiagnosed CHDs on the internet and through the news. I also have three children, two who have CHDs, one who also had heart surgery. I’m always trying to raise awareness through fb and Instagram…. If at least I can tell my preggo friends to demand their kids get echos. I know it’s not much awareness but I do feel that the whole celebrity pr machine needs to realize there are other important causes. All I can say is I feel ya

  3. I found your original post today about Shaun. The way I stumbled upon it was just a quick google search looking for inspiration. My son was born with ToF in 2011 and has undergone his first OHS. When i read in a quick article elsewhere that Shaun was born with ToF I did a search for stories about it, hoping to find something to give comfort that my son will lead a beautiful, long, successful life the way that Shaun is. I realize that every child is different, even if they have the same CHD, but I was just looking for something to lift my spirits. Unfortunately, your article was the first I read and it broke my heart a little that it seems he does not support other families facing the same trials his was. I will admit before my son was born I knew nothing of CHDs. He was diagnosed the day after he was born and it has been a whirlwind of learning ever since. What I found most disappointing was the little amount of money that the American Heart Association gives to research for CHDs. I guess the whole point of my comment here, is to say thank you. Thank you for standing up for my son, your son, and the thousands of other children born with broken hearts. Even when people want to be nasty to you or attack you personally, you are unwavering in your support. So while you may be confused about why that one post would generate so many more readers than your others, know that it was that post that gained a loyal reader for you in me.

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