About Heart Warriors

Heart Warriors, A Family Faces Congenital Heart Disease is both a personal narrative of fear and hope and a call to arms against the world’s most prolific and deadly birth defect.  In Heart Warriors Amanda Rose Adams unmasks the silent killer that is Congenital Heart Disease and gives voice to the two million families living with this deadly birth defect and the millions more who’ve been lost.  As she begins a dialog about a seriously underfunded disease, she also rallies families to become advocates rather than victims.

Heart Warriors is a grief journey through a landscape where the bitterness of grief puts those not impacted on edge.  Adams explores the economy of empathy and the currency of comfort and the healing that must occur before one can give or receive support.  Adams’ message to the thirty-six million American moms raising very sick children is one of cautious optimism while balancing hope and fear and relishing the joy in life despite the darkness.

Heart Warriors provided a “Field Guide” for parents and their supporters to find resources and the strength to move forward and fight against a terrible diagnosis. However, after seven years this information is out of date and will be updated in the rerelease of the book.

The book sold through its original print run. I am rewriting it with updates and it will be available in 2020.

You can still buy the audio book as read by the author at Audible.com.