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Category: Advocacy

It Takes a Heartland

Those of you who have ever played a board game with me will not be surprised to hear that I’m a little bit, um how do you say it, oh yes . . . Competitive.  I don’t like to win, I live to win.  It’s usually  just the winning I want, not the reward.  I would have been a good cat, going for the kill and giving away the prize.  Sigh . . . I’m odd. I know.  I’m not so much an overachiever as the owner of a  twisted… Read more It Takes a Heartland

Think Pink or See Red?

Want to know something about me?  Oh, I’ll tell you anyway!  It takes a lot to make me angry.  My kids know this, and they know when I’m really mad, I mean business.  So here’s something that makes me really, Mr. McGee, you wouldn’t like me,  angry.    I learned a couple of years ago that many companies use pink in October not to underwrite breast cancer research, but to get people to buy their stuff because people care about breast cancer. Sure they give 1-5% to “Awareness,” but as… Read more Think Pink or See Red?

My Heart Heroes

My biggest Heart Heroes are the parents who’ve lost their children and yet find the power to fight for my child and the millions like him.  One of my biggest heart heroes is Betsy Peterson, the founder of the Children’s Heart Foundation. Betsy lost her little boy Sam when he was eight, but Betsy didn’t hide from the world, she changed it.  She honored Sam by creating a foundation that funds research to save children like him.  She didn’t have the answers she needed, so she worked to find those… Read more My Heart Heroes

Happy Birthday HRH

Eight years ago, I lit a tiny little spark.  I started a Yahoo Group trying to find moms like me with kids like Liam – kids missing the right side of their hearts.  I trolled Baby Center and other sites and found three women.  I invited them to my Yahoo Group and on Aug. 15, 2003, ten days before Liam’s second open heart surgery, Hypoplastic Right Hearts was born. Today As of 2013, there are more than 800 1000 members and thousands more who haven’t gone online to find us. … Read more Happy Birthday HRH