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The Infamous Photo Post (best of)

Here is another retrospective post from my old blog. This was one of my more popular posts, and I figured I’d share it again.  I will mention this, I don’t do the Duggers.  I just don’t get it. I don’t care how many kids they have or any of that, and that’s just it I don’t have cable, and I don’t care. BUT, I was deeply offended by news stories that called them “weird” for wanting a picture of the baby they lost.  There’s probably a whole lot of reasons… Read more The Infamous Photo Post (best of)

An Open Letter (Best Of Post)

Continuing with my “Best Of” series from my old blog, I wanted to re-run a very popular post from last year.  Please feel free to share this with others as its sentiment does not diminish but builds over time. —————————————————————— This is an open letter to the men and women of the CHLA CTICU and, in turn, to every professional performing services at every pediatric ICU the world over. Dear You, We, all of human kind, have gifts and limitations. For instance, I am not gifted with math skills, adequate… Read more An Open Letter (Best Of Post)

New Feature- Best of Amanda’s Controversial Commentaries

On my old blog (that had a fraction of the followers of my new blog) several people responded passionately to some specific (about 4 or 5) posts that I had made about various topics.  So below I share a “best of” entry.  This entry was actually posted on another blog that I sometimes write for (Speak Without Interruption) but the Facebook feedback was positive.  So, here you go: Amanda’s Approved Comments – or Things You are Allowed to Say to a Heart Mom (or any person whose loved one is… Read more New Feature- Best of Amanda’s Controversial Commentaries