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Category: Citizenship

Preaching to the Choir

As I mentioned in a recent post (What I Need Now) a good half of my Facebook Friends are CHD survivors, parents, etc. and as predicted my Facebook feed is lit up with red awareness reminders.  It’s a little overwhelming to see the same thing over and over and over again.  I did repost this awesome story of a Heart Warrior’s role in the Super Bowl, but so did almost everyone in the Heartland. I wish the people who know nothing about CHD knew, when they see this adorable boy… Read more Preaching to the Choir

An Open Letter to Shaun White

Edited – 12/7/13 – If you’re going to invest the time to read this blog post, please also make time to read this one or read this one first because it’s more recent. In an effort to curb traffic for such an old post, I’m moving the original letter to the “What We Talk About” post. If you really want to read it, it’s an appendix to the good/new stuff.  

Encore with Updates: Think Pink or See Red

Last year I posted this. It was my inspiration for starting the Cause Warriors series.  It bears repeating.  Heather is still here surviving with weekly chemo and struggling with the pain of living with cancer.  Read her own amazing post here.  One thing that has changed since last year is that my backlash  circa 2011, seems to be popular in 2012.  That’s probably attributable to the whole Komen/PP fiasco of earlier this year, but awareness of misdirected funds and questionable intentions is never a bad thing.   Heather provided the links… Read more Encore with Updates: Think Pink or See Red

Politicians, Doctors, and Nurses: All in the Same Day!

Politicians: I took the day off work today to attend an advocacy training at The Children’s Hospital Colorado (they are awesome)! and learned all about how congress people have to balance the party, the constituents, and the politics of decision making.  While it didn’t make me all that  sympathetic to politicians, it did make me wiser about how to communicate with them about children’s health issues.  Also, PLEASE make sure you’re registered to vote since children cannot vote for themselves! Doctors:  I heard five amazing doctors speak to a crowd… Read more Politicians, Doctors, and Nurses: All in the Same Day!

We Are the OTHER 1%

One out of 100 every babies is born with a heart defect.  My son is the other 1%.  I am the other 1% of mothers.  I am the Wyvern who faces mountains of medical bills and an ceaseless barrage of fear.  I am a heart mom in the Heartland, and I am not alone.  We are the other 1% of America – not the ones with the millions and billions of dollars and $100,000 Birkin Bags.  We are the 1% with million dollar babies, and the chest tubes, and the… Read more We Are the OTHER 1%