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Category: Citizenship

The High Price of Drama

A month ago tomorrow, the nation’s worst shooting happened in the town where we will have our third annual congenital heart walk next Saturday.  We drove past the theater twice yesterday on our way to and from the walk-through activities.  But now, the media has already all but forgotten about the shooting and moved on.  We will have a moment of silence before we walk at the end of this week, but it seems there is so much silence without thought right now. Four years ago this week, Liam had… Read more The High Price of Drama

I Need You . . . to go swimming, seriously

Hello and happy Saturday! I am sitting here still wobbly but recovering from an illness that laid me up most of the week.  So, I’m catching up today! I need you, YOU, if you live in Northern Colorado to get out ye ol swimwear and head to the Family Fun Plex in Greeley on Friday night, August 17th from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm  for a private party for the Children’s Heart Foundation.  I’m serious, we need 100 people to show up or we don’t get to keep the kitty,… Read more I Need You . . . to go swimming, seriously

Six Days Later . . .

I just got home from seeing a movie; it was The Lorax.   I am trying to not weep, and I am failing. Today was “Take Your Kids to Work Day.”  It was awesome.  My kids got to see all the cool things my company does (we make the computers that made The Lorax film).  My kids  learned about the environment and ate lunch in our cafeteria.  To tie off the day, the company I work for rented a theater for us and showed The Lorax. It was surreal.  I know… Read more Six Days Later . . .

Today in Colorado

Today in Colorado a very sick person did a  terrible thing that defies the essence of humanity.  This summer in Colorado, fires ran wild through miles and miles of forest and homes.  At this moment in Colorado, I remember two summers passed in Galveston.  I stood on a beach and stared down a broken pier at two towering mermaids cast in concrete on the end of a large hotel.  Well, one and a half mermaids, as both rose out of the ocean, but one was ripped in half, like a… Read more Today in Colorado

Good Grief . . . how to deal without being a serious B + itch

When I wrote the Discontent in the Heartland post  I touched on the issues of Heart moms with living children ostracizing Heart moms who lost their children and the occasional animosity between Heart parents and adults with CHD.  There’s a new one to add to the list of craziness: Heart moms trying to trump each other with one-upmanship that borders on Munchhausen’s by proxy. Let me be clear, I am gonna preach here. But let me also be clear to both the choir and my fellow sinners, I too have… Read more Good Grief . . . how to deal without being a serious B + itch