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Category: Liam

Emotional Porn – Welcome to Mommy’s World

When I was a little girl my dad had a lot of “motorcycle” magazines.   Really these were just porn with motorcycles as the accessories.  I would sometimes sneak peaks out of curiosity and for the wonderful sensation of doing something bad without getting caught.  I didn’t so much look at them for their content as for the knowledge that I wasn’t supposed to be looking at all. A half an hour ago, my son, aged 9, called me down to my own home office. From my big black leather(ish) chair… Read more Emotional Porn – Welcome to Mommy’s World

I Need You . . . to go swimming, seriously

Hello and happy Saturday! I am sitting here still wobbly but recovering from an illness that laid me up most of the week.  So, I’m catching up today! I need you, YOU, if you live in Northern Colorado to get out ye ol swimwear and head to the Family Fun Plex in Greeley on Friday night, August 17th from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm  for a private party for the Children’s Heart Foundation.  I’m serious, we need 100 people to show up or we don’t get to keep the kitty,… Read more I Need You . . . to go swimming, seriously

Who Cares?

My sister-in-law, Sarah, is a doll.  She’s adorable, kindhearted, and really, really sweet.  Yesterday, she hosted a skating party to raise money for the Congenital Heart Walk.  She was, understandably, disappointed that only the Adams family and one other heart family came. I was thrilled to meet the other family in person, since I’ve known them online for over six years since their son was born.  Their son Isaiah, in turn, was THRILLED to meet Liam who is the first other “heart kid” he’d met.  Oh, he was such a… Read more Who Cares?