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My Wait Problem . . .

Almost two weeks ago I noticed my left leg didn’t want to support my weight, worsened by uneven numbness in both of my feet.  Random numbness in my hands, feet, and occasionally my face is not, I’m sad to say, a new sensation.  This has been going on since I was sixteen.  I got my first migraine when I was seven. . . good times.  But the leg feeling like it’s wrapped in thick rubber bands thing is new.  I didn’t DO anything to my leg.  If I had I… Read more My Wait Problem . . .

An Anniversary Excerpt

Heart Warriors was officially released on April 10th of 2012.  It was entirely a coincidence that the book actually starts on April 10 of 2006.  The beginning of the first chapter ends on April 12, 2006, seven years ago today. April 12th will never be an easy day for me.  It was the only part of the book I found impossible to write in past tense.  Those memories were ingrained in all of our hearts with scalpel and saw, sutures and suction.  Today Liam and Moira had no school. To… Read more An Anniversary Excerpt

Preaching to the Choir

As I mentioned in a recent post (What I Need Now) a good half of my Facebook Friends are CHD survivors, parents, etc. and as predicted my Facebook feed is lit up with red awareness reminders.  It’s a little overwhelming to see the same thing over and over and over again.  I did repost this awesome story of a Heart Warrior’s role in the Super Bowl, but so did almost everyone in the Heartland. I wish the people who know nothing about CHD knew, when they see this adorable boy… Read more Preaching to the Choir

What I Need Now

When I was pregnant and distraught ten years ago, waiting for a tiny broken-hearted baby to break through my body and face surgery at best, death at worst, everyone in my life offered to do “whatever you need.” Ironically, I needed nothing. I had a surge of adrenaline that coursed through my veins and made me stronger than I ever thought I could be.  I was like the mother who lifts a truck off her underpinned child.  I needed space and time to get to a place before I could… Read more What I Need Now