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An Open Letter to Shaun White

Edited – 12/7/13 – If you’re going to invest the time to read this blog post, please also make time to read this one or read this one first because it’s more recent. In an effort to curb traffic for such an old post, I’m moving the original letter to the “What We Talk About” post. If you really want to read it, it’s an appendix to the good/new stuff.  

The Gift of Life

Dear friends, if you live in Colorado, please pull out your driver’s license and see if you have a ♥ on it. If you do, Congrats! You ARE and organ donor ((((FEEL MY LOVE)))). If not, please go here and register to be a donor: Then feel more of my love. My friend Angela  Scott’s little girl Addison just got a new heart this week and a second chance at life. She’s three years old. The child who gave her his/her heart probably saved several lives as he/she lost… Read more The Gift of Life

Politicians, Doctors, and Nurses: All in the Same Day!

Politicians: I took the day off work today to attend an advocacy training at The Children’s Hospital Colorado (they are awesome)! and learned all about how congress people have to balance the party, the constituents, and the politics of decision making.  While it didn’t make me all that  sympathetic to politicians, it did make me wiser about how to communicate with them about children’s health issues.  Also, PLEASE make sure you’re registered to vote since children cannot vote for themselves! Doctors:  I heard five amazing doctors speak to a crowd… Read more Politicians, Doctors, and Nurses: All in the Same Day!

The High Price of Drama

A month ago tomorrow, the nation’s worst shooting happened in the town where we will have our third annual congenital heart walk next Saturday.  We drove past the theater twice yesterday on our way to and from the walk-through activities.  But now, the media has already all but forgotten about the shooting and moved on.  We will have a moment of silence before we walk at the end of this week, but it seems there is so much silence without thought right now. Four years ago this week, Liam had… Read more The High Price of Drama