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Category: local – Colorado

Win a Free Signed Copy of Heart Warriors AND Have Fun

Hello! If you live in Colorado and are free on February 18th, please consider joining me at Craft Your Heart Out – a 12 hour long scrapbooking/beading/cross-stitching/whatever you want to do with friends event to benefit the Children’s Heart Foundation Colorado Chapter. Ticket sales were slowed by some bad PayPal mojo, so we’re doing pay at the door. BUT you have to register so we have the right head count.  And, for everyone who registers by February 5th (midnight Feb 6 is too late to qualify), I will enter your… Read more Win a Free Signed Copy of Heart Warriors AND Have Fun

In the Shadow of Greatness

Moira goes to g’nastics (this is how she says it and it’s cute so we don’t correct her) every Thursday for fitness and fun.  I have no illusions that, since she started when she was six, almost seven, and because she wants to take acting, and swimming, and used to take dance, that she’s ever going to be Olympic quality.  Besides, I don’t have the energy or the right kind of attitude to be a a sports-mom.  I’ll never push her that hard, and the minute she breaks something requiring… Read more In the Shadow of Greatness