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Category: memoir

Give Aways!!!

Good news and bad news. Bad news is I’m sick . . . AGAIN.  This is my sixth cold since August.  Blech! Good news is my book comes out in exactly one week, so I should be better then.  Read on for more good news!   Oh you lucky readers! So many give- aways for you today! First, I’m giving away two tickets to the Bookworm’s Local Writer Showcase in Edwards (a hop, skip, and ski jump over from Vail and Aspen) for April 13th at 6:00 pm. This is… Read more Give Aways!!!

Kickin’ it to the curb. . . or just a slow start?

I decided to try a Kickstarter campaign based on advice from a Goodreads blogger who had success with it funding book promotion.  Now, I am three days in. I have six backer, five on the site, and I’m wondering if it was worth the many hoops I had to jump through to be approved. The service and the processor take 10%, which is fine for providing the service, but I had to consider that in the budget.  They have so many success stories on their site, it makes me wonder… Read more Kickin’ it to the curb. . . or just a slow start?

I need your ideas

Let me be blunt, this post is about money.  I hate money, I hate spending it, saving it, thinking about it, worrying about it, holding it, losing it, all of it.  I don’t like money.  It makes me nervous. Let me be more blunt, for my daily life I don’t have money troubles.  This is mostly because we live very frugally, and I have even written about it as a guest blogger years ago. No cable or satellite, one car, smart shopping, etc.  But, I now I find myself in… Read more I need your ideas

Smells like . . .

I have a confession.  In my makeup box are some items that really should have been thrown away years ago, but I keep them because they are portals to the past.  A tube of Este Lauder lip stick once opened transports me to my grandmother’s bathroom circa 1982 where she stands in a slip and bra, preparing for Sunday morning church.  She wore Este Lauder lip stick, and though this free tube with purchase has never been my shade, the smell is a link to my Grandma who died over… Read more Smells like . . .