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Category: motherhood

Turn, Turn, Turn

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1 T’was was time for the fourth member of our family to get sick this weekend.  I was sick on Friday, Jim last night into today.  The kids were ill last weekend, and we’ve hardly left our house but for occasional excursions to work and school when able.  ‘Tis the season of viral infections, fa-la-la-la-la-la ha ha ha ha.  Sigh. It seems lately  I’m blessed to be invited to a variety of… Read more Turn, Turn, Turn

Six Days Later . . .

I just got home from seeing a movie; it was The Lorax.   I am trying to not weep, and I am failing. Today was “Take Your Kids to Work Day.”  It was awesome.  My kids got to see all the cool things my company does (we make the computers that made The Lorax film).  My kids  learned about the environment and ate lunch in our cafeteria.  To tie off the day, the company I work for rented a theater for us and showed The Lorax. It was surreal.  I know… Read more Six Days Later . . .

Life on Pause

I spent a good twenty minutes on the phone with Liam’s cardiologist tonight.  Primarily, I wanted to: Verify that nasty old Holter monitor is coming soon (it is). Determine what ye olde doctor will be looking for to make the decision about the pacemaker and when. Figure out if he decides not to move ahead, exactly how paranoid I need to be for the next six months waiting to do it again. So, the Holter will be here soon, and Liam will wear it this weekend.  Doc’s looking for “pauses”… Read more Life on Pause