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Category: Parenting

An Anniversary Excerpt

Heart Warriors was officially released on April 10th of 2012.  It was entirely a coincidence that the book actually starts on April 10 of 2006.  The beginning of the first chapter ends on April 12, 2006, seven years ago today. April 12th will never be an easy day for me.  It was the only part of the book I found impossible to write in past tense.  Those memories were ingrained in all of our hearts with scalpel and saw, sutures and suction.  Today Liam and Moira had no school. To… Read more An Anniversary Excerpt

Operation F’You Pikachu

I imagine you might see a post from me on your feed and think, “No! Amanda is posting another rolling in the deep missive about the reality that we’re all going to die and life is beautifully painful.”  Yeah, I know, I’m the girl who thinks really deep thoughts.  But alas, no! I’ve decided I need to give you poor beleaguered friends some fun, and since I’ve not one peeve I want to rant about in an open letter right now, I shall share our parental mission: Operation F-You Pickachu.… Read more Operation F’You Pikachu