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Category: Real Life

The Lay of the Heartland, Part Five: You Have Options

The last thing I want to add is that millions of Americans mistakenly think that the AHA has our kids covered, but we can see that both at the nonprofit and government level CHD research is sorely and dangerously underfunded.  It’s important not only that we as advocates know this but that we understand the limitations so we can motivate others to help us change things. Now I’ve said my peace about the American Heart Association.  Unless I see some massive reform movement from them, I’m pretty much washing my… Read more The Lay of the Heartland, Part Five: You Have Options

The Lay of the Heartland, Part One: Under My Influence

This is a five six part series about how charitable money flows in and out of the Heartland and how I’ve chosen sides on this important issue.  This series is only intended to inform and inspire you to make up your own mind about how or if you want to be an advocate for CHD issues and how you want to do that. A few times in the past month persons I hold in high regard have accused me of having, are you ready for this . . . influence!” … Read more The Lay of the Heartland, Part One: Under My Influence

My Fatherless Life

I need to spill these words before I start my work day.  Some words are just like that – brimming and ready to come out like tears; distracting to the point that they must leave the brain. Fifteen years ago right now, in this very hour, I was at work when my boss came to get me.  My sister-in-law (two sisters-in-law ago) and our family friend were at my workplace.  I was confused for a few moments, then I realized that my dad had died. That day and the days… Read more My Fatherless Life

If, then . . .a cardiology update

In my book I wrote about how I’ve not had a bad day since April 16, 2006 – when a very wise woman explained that any day we’re alive to feel, even if it’s pain, is not a bad day. So today was a long, difficult and exhausting day, but it was not a bad day. Liam and I left for the hospital at 11:30, passed SEVERAL car accidents on the highway, and yet still made it to the hospital on time.  I had a brief meeting with the new… Read more If, then . . .a cardiology update

Nine Years Ago My Life Ended and Began Again

Right now, on December 30, 2011, I am watching Liam with peanut butter all over his little freckled face gobbling up a sandwich.  Now he’s talking with his mouth full, peanut butter clinging to his new permanent teeth.  He’s moving on to the Cheese-Its and pineapple chunks.  Now, he’s teasing Moira and making her irritated.  Now, he’s clearing his plate, and he will wash his face and I will tell him when he comes back that he missed some peanut butter, because that’s what happens. Nine years ago right now,… Read more Nine Years Ago My Life Ended and Began Again

What a Week

I went to bed Tuesday feeling not great, but Wednesday morning I was sick.  Of course my sick was nothing compared to Moira’s sick – she’d been sick all over her bed.  So, while Jim got her in the shower, I did lots of laundry, empty her sick bowl several times and finally got a nap.  This was not the most difficult day of my week. On Sunday, someone who told me he would do something for me backed out, no reason, no apology, just no.  This was after a… Read more What a Week

The Hug Warrior

Well, Mom Guilt ate me up last night, so I worked out a comic book trailer for Miss Moira.  For the Girl who’s always giving.  What makes you special Mo?  Just watch, this one’s for you!