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Field Manual from Heart Warriors

Hello, all.  I’ve been meaning to put this information up since I recorded the audiobook in 2012, but I finally got it done.  This is useful information, and I plan to keep updating. I left the comments open for suggestions.  Please share with your Heart Friends and Family! Heart Warriors Field Manual Link

It’s Not Writer’s Block; I’ll Be Back

I feel like I’m neglecting my blog and my regular readers because I can’t break my book-writing flow to blog.   I’m working on my next book (a memoir about growing up) and broke 53,000 words last night. My hope is to break 70,000 by the end of next weekend so I can complete the edits and send it to beta readers for input. Don’t worry, I have lots of blog ideas, I’m still here and I appreciate you all, but I the book-writing is highly active right now. I hope… Read more It’s Not Writer’s Block; I’ll Be Back

Day 29: Sick Day

Last night I was ill and slept until 11:00 am this morning. I’m about to go back to bed I think, but I thought I might muse on how odd it is to be “home sick,” when you work at home.  I guess I’m glad I work in the basement because it make the rest of my house seem separate, mostly. I still roam around my house for coffee and lunch or just to escape after 5 straight hours on the phone. My biggest decision today will probably whether or… Read more Day 29: Sick Day