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Sell Out . . . or my book sold out on Amazon on its first day!

Hi all you sleeping beauties having restful dreams.  My stomach and brain are each churning in opposite directions because . . . I sold out.  Yeah, maybe just didn’t buy that many of my book, but they sold ALL of them.  ALL OF THEM on my first day out. Tee hee. And, Heart Warriors  just jumped up to #16,652 of over eight million books that Amazon sells.   To give you some context, while the book has been available for preorder the past five months, the highest it ever got… Read more Sell Out . . . or my book sold out on Amazon on its first day!

Kickstart me

This is the follow up to my last blog post.  I did it, I used the great ideas my friends on Facebook and the blog offered up, and my Kickstarter project is live. It is pretty simple. If I don’t make my funding goal, they return ALL of the money.  So, we have until my birthday, April 23, to raise the funds to fund the book tour so I can go to seven cities and to fund the recorded book. Please check out the site, help if you can, and… Read more Kickstart me

Part 6 – Darn it, I’m not done

I have the worst cold tonight, but I just can’t sleep. After the five part series, many moms and friends asked for a succinct example to use to politely decline and discourage their schools from participating in Jump Rope for Heart.  One mom I’ve known a long time and is not my rebutter, raised two points about the AHA that I now must address. 1. AHA’s “other” research is important to all people including heart kids. Let’s start with 1 because it’s easy.  She’s right and I’ve never ever disputed… Read more Part 6 – Darn it, I’m not done