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Category: writing

Why May 12 Matters so Much to Me

I just got home from the Barnes and Noble where I’ll be doing a reading/signing on May 12 (Mother’s Day Weekend).  This will be my fifth event around Heart Warriors since April 13, but in a way it is the most important to me.  Don’t get me wrong that awesome 80+ person crowd of old and dear friends on my birthday was AWESOME. The April 20 reading in Aurora was AMAZING. The Bookworm was such a funky, fun store, and the Grand Junction event was moving.  But this. . . this… Read more Why May 12 Matters so Much to Me

My Fatherless Life

I need to spill these words before I start my work day.  Some words are just like that – brimming and ready to come out like tears; distracting to the point that they must leave the brain. Fifteen years ago right now, in this very hour, I was at work when my boss came to get me.  My sister-in-law (two sisters-in-law ago) and our family friend were at my workplace.  I was confused for a few moments, then I realized that my dad had died. That day and the days… Read more My Fatherless Life

An Irony, A Memory, An Aspiration

I just now found myself toggling between two web browser tabs, one marking a page about poet Marie Howe the other about singer C.W. McCall.  I live in such a netherworld of obscure thoughts that I suspect most typical people won’t know who either of those people are. Marie Howe is a successful poet who teaches at Sarah Lawrence College and writes beautiful poetry I would like to buy.  Her work is clean and easily understood but deep and meaningful.  She’s the type of poet I aspire to be, if… Read more An Irony, A Memory, An Aspiration

Remembering Mary on Her Thirty-Seventh Birthday

The first time I met my best friend Mary Chosa was in Mrs. Stewart’s adviser group.  Mary was a freshman and I was a sophomore.  With our friend Melanie, we became what my younger sisters not so affectionately  coined “The Nerd Herd.”  We were all bright, but Mary and Melanie were artists, and I was a writer – even then. After a few weeks of school, Mary turned fifteen.  Melanie and I joined her after school  and we all watched Heathers – thus beginning a Christian Slater movie obsession.  We… Read more Remembering Mary on Her Thirty-Seventh Birthday