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An Anniversary Excerpt

Heart Warriors was officially released on April 10th of 2012.  It was entirely a coincidence that the book actually starts on April 10 of 2006.  The beginning of the first chapter ends on April 12, 2006, seven years ago today. April 12th will never be an easy day for me.  It was the only part of the book I found impossible to write in past tense.  Those memories were ingrained in all of our hearts with scalpel and saw, sutures and suction.  Today Liam and Moira had no school. To… Read more An Anniversary Excerpt

Politicians, Doctors, and Nurses: All in the Same Day!

Politicians: I took the day off work today to attend an advocacy training at The Children’s Hospital Colorado (they are awesome)! and learned all about how congress people have to balance the party, the constituents, and the politics of decision making.  While it didn’t make me all that  sympathetic to politicians, it did make me wiser about how to communicate with them about children’s health issues.  Also, PLEASE make sure you’re registered to vote since children cannot vote for themselves! Doctors:  I heard five amazing doctors speak to a crowd… Read more Politicians, Doctors, and Nurses: All in the Same Day!

Open Letters – A Postscript to My Neighbor’s Cat

Dear TDC, I asked you nicely to stop pooping in my flower beds.  I’ve given you a year+ to cease and desist, and yet. . . I’m writing you to let you know that the next time you visit your toilet, AKA my yard, you will find chicken wire beneath the newly placed mulch.  I’ve also put down “cat repellent” that smells an awful lot like pepper spray + coyote urine, and yet, and yet it still smells better than your parting gifts. Please take the hint and fail to… Read more Open Letters – A Postscript to My Neighbor’s Cat

Thank You Readers

Tonight I read a post on Facebook by a woman who is having difficulty finding her empathy after seeing her child through heart surgery.  Oh, I wrote a book about that – literally.  But this is not about me, this is about my readers.  I will not call you “fans” because I don’t deserve fans.  I am just a mom like two million other heart moms and 36 million special needs moms out there.  I’m not a celebrity, I’m just a writer sitting in my living room waiting for my… Read more Thank You Readers