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Category: writing

I’ve Got Great Friends

I would have posted this sooner, but I was sick last week and got bronchitis this week and forgot to hit the publish button! So my timing is off.  My friend and fellow writer from Northern Colorado Writers Group, Patricia Stoltey shared a blog post about Heart Warriors.She has a loyal following and is very generous to give me time on her Blog to promote the book trailer.  She also invited me to write a guest blog for her next April when the book launches. When Heart Warriors was still… Read more I’ve Got Great Friends

An Open Letter to Dav Pilkey

Dear Dav Pilkey: I like you, I really like you, even though you spell your first name without an “e” and even though your characters in the Captain Underpants series are terribly obnoxious.  I like you because for the past three years my son, now eight, has been an avid reader.  But I’ve got a gripe or two. First, what’s up with only writing six Ricky Ricotta books? I can forgive you Pluto, but you’re missing two whole real planets.  After giving me his own personal inquisition about why you’ve… Read more An Open Letter to Dav Pilkey