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Emotional Porn – Welcome to Mommy’s World

When I was a little girl my dad had a lot of “motorcycle” magazines.   Really these were just porn with motorcycles as the accessories.  I would sometimes sneak peaks out of curiosity and for the wonderful sensation of doing something bad without getting caught.  I didn’t so much look at them for their content as for the knowledge that I wasn’t supposed to be looking at all. A half an hour ago, my son, aged 9, called me down to my own home office. From my big black leather(ish) chair… Read more Emotional Porn – Welcome to Mommy’s World

A Professor and Her Boob

I listened to a podcast the other day about this “hot” issue taking the internet “by storm.”  Basically, a professor had a sick kid she couldn’t take to daycare, so she brought her baby to class.  Where said baby put a paper clip in its mouth, investigate an electrical outlet, and then, when truly fussy, was breastfed to sleep by its mother (who is also leading a class full of university students).  Here is a Salon Article that captures some of it, but I actually first read the professor’s diatribe… Read more A Professor and Her Boob

The Wyvern’s 50 Shades of Gray

In Heart Warriors I stated that we heart moms have to reach into a bag and draw out a marble each day that our children are with us.  Everyday, some mother somewhere draws the black marble and loses her child.  Every day in the world and every day in the USA children with CHD die.  They just do.  Often they’re newborn babies, but sometimes they’re 3 or 6 or 9 or 15. Sometimes they’re 26 or 42, but every single one lost is some mother’s child. And the Wyvern is… Read more The Wyvern’s 50 Shades of Gray

We Are the OTHER 1%

One out of 100 every babies is born with a heart defect.  My son is the other 1%.  I am the other 1% of mothers.  I am the Wyvern who faces mountains of medical bills and an ceaseless barrage of fear.  I am a heart mom in the Heartland, and I am not alone.  We are the other 1% of America – not the ones with the millions and billions of dollars and $100,000 Birkin Bags.  We are the 1% with million dollar babies, and the chest tubes, and the… Read more We Are the OTHER 1%

The Wyvern Opinion of the Mommy Wars: C-Section, Home Birth, and Everything In Between

Continuing with the theme of Wyvern Mothers, I’m sharing my opinion of the Mommy Wars.  Like our ancestors, the Dragon Mothers, Wyvern Mothers don’t have time for Mommy Wars because we’re battling on another front.  Rather than fight our peers about the trending and temporary issues of modern motherhood, we’re fighting for our children’s survival. Today’s post is the second in a series on this Wyvern’s Opinion of the Mommy Wars and how my other (literally life or death) battle experiences have formed my opinions.  This is my truth. Too… Read more The Wyvern Opinion of the Mommy Wars: C-Section, Home Birth, and Everything In Between