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Sell Out . . . or my book sold out on Amazon on its first day!

Hi all you sleeping beauties having restful dreams.  My stomach and brain are each churning in opposite directions because . . . I sold out.  Yeah, maybe just didn’t buy that many of my book, but they sold ALL of them.  ALL OF THEM on my first day out. Tee hee. And, Heart Warriors  just jumped up to #16,652 of over eight million books that Amazon sells.   To give you some context, while the book has been available for preorder the past five months, the highest it ever got… Read more Sell Out . . . or my book sold out on Amazon on its first day!

The Infamous Photo Post (best of)

Here is another retrospective post from my old blog. This was one of my more popular posts, and I figured I’d share it again.  I will mention this, I don’t do the Duggers.  I just don’t get it. I don’t care how many kids they have or any of that, and that’s just it I don’t have cable, and I don’t care. BUT, I was deeply offended by news stories that called them “weird” for wanting a picture of the baby they lost.  There’s probably a whole lot of reasons… Read more The Infamous Photo Post (best of)

My Fatherless Life

I need to spill these words before I start my work day.  Some words are just like that – brimming and ready to come out like tears; distracting to the point that they must leave the brain. Fifteen years ago right now, in this very hour, I was at work when my boss came to get me.  My sister-in-law (two sisters-in-law ago) and our family friend were at my workplace.  I was confused for a few moments, then I realized that my dad had died. That day and the days… Read more My Fatherless Life

An Irony, A Memory, An Aspiration

I just now found myself toggling between two web browser tabs, one marking a page about poet Marie Howe the other about singer C.W. McCall.  I live in such a netherworld of obscure thoughts that I suspect most typical people won’t know who either of those people are. Marie Howe is a successful poet who teaches at Sarah Lawrence College and writes beautiful poetry I would like to buy.  Her work is clean and easily understood but deep and meaningful.  She’s the type of poet I aspire to be, if… Read more An Irony, A Memory, An Aspiration

Nine Years Ago My Life Ended and Began Again

Right now, on December 30, 2011, I am watching Liam with peanut butter all over his little freckled face gobbling up a sandwich.  Now he’s talking with his mouth full, peanut butter clinging to his new permanent teeth.  He’s moving on to the Cheese-Its and pineapple chunks.  Now, he’s teasing Moira and making her irritated.  Now, he’s clearing his plate, and he will wash his face and I will tell him when he comes back that he missed some peanut butter, because that’s what happens. Nine years ago right now,… Read more Nine Years Ago My Life Ended and Began Again

Amanda’s Mostly Don’ts

I have been spending just about all of my free time lately getting ready for the book launch in April.  Press releases, pitches, edits, post cards, postage . . . so much and so many things.  Check out my new and improved web page by poking around after you read the blog. Anyway, it’s been a busy series of evenings, and I’m not quite done with my list. Often, I am asked how I do so much, but it’s really not about what I do, it’s about what I don’t… Read more Amanda’s Mostly Don’ts

What a Week

I went to bed Tuesday feeling not great, but Wednesday morning I was sick.  Of course my sick was nothing compared to Moira’s sick – she’d been sick all over her bed.  So, while Jim got her in the shower, I did lots of laundry, empty her sick bowl several times and finally got a nap.  This was not the most difficult day of my week. On Sunday, someone who told me he would do something for me backed out, no reason, no apology, just no.  This was after a… Read more What a Week