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Holy Schmolie! Wow! . . . You can order the book now!

So, I have to thank my friend Karen Haury for emailing me today to let me know someone bought my book! I didn’t even know it’s on already!!! It’s also available on Barnes & Noble’s web site. I got this email over lunch while observing the Children’s Heart Foundation annual medical advisory board where they were reviewing very important grant applications.  I’m in Chicago right now for that event.  I’m so excited to be part of this very important work and excited to find out my book is available… Read more Holy Schmolie! Wow! . . . You can order the book now!

Still So Lucky

Well, despite my two dollar donation, the Gods of Powerball did not answer my call.  So, I will continue to try to change to world my own way.  Would have been a lot easier with seventy-five million dollars. Last night, after dinner, a new Paul Simon song came on the radio.  The dude just turned seventy, and he’s still rockin’.  Liam loved it and he calls out from the back seat of the car, “Mommy I like this music!”  Oh, he is so my son, further proven by the fact… Read more Still So Lucky

Remembering Mary on Her Thirty-Seventh Birthday

The first time I met my best friend Mary Chosa was in Mrs. Stewart’s adviser group.  Mary was a freshman and I was a sophomore.  With our friend Melanie, we became what my younger sisters not so affectionately  coined “The Nerd Herd.”  We were all bright, but Mary and Melanie were artists, and I was a writer – even then. After a few weeks of school, Mary turned fifteen.  Melanie and I joined her after school  and we all watched Heathers – thus beginning a Christian Slater movie obsession.  We… Read more Remembering Mary on Her Thirty-Seventh Birthday

Think Pink or See Red?

Want to know something about me?  Oh, I’ll tell you anyway!  It takes a lot to make me angry.  My kids know this, and they know when I’m really mad, I mean business.  So here’s something that makes me really, Mr. McGee, you wouldn’t like me,  angry.    I learned a couple of years ago that many companies use pink in October not to underwrite breast cancer research, but to get people to buy their stuff because people care about breast cancer. Sure they give 1-5% to “Awareness,” but as… Read more Think Pink or See Red?

The Hug Warrior

Well, Mom Guilt ate me up last night, so I worked out a comic book trailer for Miss Moira.  For the Girl who’s always giving.  What makes you special Mo?  Just watch, this one’s for you!

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything

If you are a recent acquisition in the Amanda Adams department of friends, be warned, I still have yearly girls’ weekends with a friend from KINDERGARTEN and others from fifth grade.  McDonalds coworkers from 20 years ago – Check, and high school friends – check and check.  You just can’t shake me, I’m loyal like that, and my Christmas Card list proves it. So, out of both loyalty to my high school friend Liz who asked me to vote, and out of a strong belief that every time we stand… Read more If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything