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Think Pink or See Red?

Want to know something about me?  Oh, I’ll tell you anyway!  It takes a lot to make me angry.  My kids know this, and they know when I’m really mad, I mean business.  So here’s something that makes me really, Mr. McGee, you wouldn’t like me,  angry.    I learned a couple of years ago that many companies use pink in October not to underwrite breast cancer research, but to get people to buy their stuff because people care about breast cancer. Sure they give 1-5% to “Awareness,” but as… Read more Think Pink or See Red?

The Hug Warrior

Well, Mom Guilt ate me up last night, so I worked out a comic book trailer for Miss Moira.  For the Girl who’s always giving.  What makes you special Mo?  Just watch, this one’s for you!

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything

If you are a recent acquisition in the Amanda Adams department of friends, be warned, I still have yearly girls’ weekends with a friend from KINDERGARTEN and others from fifth grade.  McDonalds coworkers from 20 years ago – Check, and high school friends – check and check.  You just can’t shake me, I’m loyal like that, and my Christmas Card list proves it. So, out of both loyalty to my high school friend Liz who asked me to vote, and out of a strong belief that every time we stand… Read more If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything

An Open Letter to My Neighbor’s Short Shorts

Dear Devious Denim Garment, With all due respect, I realize that you are, by virtue of age alone, vintage wear.  I remember your kind from the trailer park circa 1981 when Aggie’s boyfriend Garth wore a pair just like you with his  long striped tube socks and Vans checkered shoes. Not a pretty sight as he made out with Aggie on the hood of his black and lime green Trans Am. Your lifelong owner was likely a teenage boy back when he first bought you as full length pants.  Time… Read more An Open Letter to My Neighbor’s Short Shorts

An Open Letter to My Neighbor’s Cat

Dear Feisty Feline Friend, First, let me say how much my family and I appreciate how quickly you dispatched that mouse that fell in my window well back in September.  You’re our own personal Seal Team Six, and we invite you to dine in our backyard on any pigeons, mice, or squirrels you like, but please take your leftovers home with you. I’m writing you today, my rotund friend, to ask that you discontinue using my flower beds as a toilet.  Today, as I planted marigolds and snapdragons, I happened… Read more An Open Letter to My Neighbor’s Cat