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Tag: congenital heart disease

An Open Letter to Shaun White

Edited – 12/7/13 – If you’re going to invest the time to read this blog post, please also make time to read this one or read this one first because it’s more recent. In an effort to curb traffic for such an old post, I’m moving the original letter to the “What We Talk About” post. If you really want to read it, it’s an appendix to the good/new stuff.  

It Takes a Heartland

Those of you who have ever played a board game with me will not be surprised to hear that I’m a little bit, um how do you say it, oh yes . . . Competitive.  I don’t like to win, I live to win.  It’s usually  just the winning I want, not the reward.  I would have been a good cat, going for the kill and giving away the prize.  Sigh . . . I’m odd. I know.  I’m not so much an overachiever as the owner of a  twisted… Read more It Takes a Heartland