Junior Cause Warriors (special December bonus)

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but I’ve been so busy starting a new job and getting the book together for the final push to publication.  Then, tonight something not-good and disappointing happened that I’m not going to write about until it’s resolved, but it was a let down.  I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself when I got a very uplifting email from another cause warrior and decided I need to get over myself and stay on target.

The Junior Cause Warriors you’re about to meet are very special little girls in my daughter Moira’s second grade class.  I’ll let you hear their story for yourselves and then provide a little commentary. Enjoy!

These girls are exactly what the world needs – people who don’t sit back and feel sorry for others but find a way to help! You can see some pictures of the food they collected to help hungry families this holiday season.

You can also donate to the Larimer County Food Bank in honor of Sarah & Isabelle or your local food bank too.

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