Sell Out . . . or my book sold out on Amazon on its first day!

Hi all you sleeping beauties having restful dreams.  My stomach and brain are each churning in opposite directions because . . . I sold out.  Yeah, maybe just didn’t buy that many of my book, but they sold ALL of them.  ALL OF THEM on my first day out. Tee hee.

And, Heart Warriors  just jumped up to #16,652 of over eight million books that Amazon sells.   To give you some context, while the book has been available for preorder the past five months, the highest it ever got was 42,445.  So, this is pretty awesome.  Of course Amazon is so cryptic that they only give you this number hourly and plot it on a table daily.  So, let’s pretend they only sold 20,000 books today (and the stock market panics), then that’s not so great.  Say they sold seven million books today, then that’s awesome.  We’ll never know how many books Amazon sold on any given day (they won’t tell us), but we know that on April 10, 2012, they sold every last copy they had of Heart Warriors and had to go back for more.  Tee hee, again!

For those of you who aren’t in Colorado and attending one of my book signings, you can get my book at any old bookstore. If they don’t have it in stock, they can order it for you and if they won’t don’t shop there! 🙂

Barnes & Noble’s web site also has Heart Warriors.  Maybe we can sell them out too.  LOL. Funny thing is, even if we sell every last copy that was printed, I’ll have only just made back my book advance and some change.  So, let’s do that! I’d love to have a royalty check this year, even if it’s only for a couple hundred dollars. At least I could get my carpets cleaned.   It would be awesomeness incarnate if they had to print more books.

Speaking of printed books, if you don’t like them the Kindle and Nook versions of Heart Warriors will be out next week. I promise to update you, even if I can’t vandalize your e-readers with my autograph.  I hope I’ve calmed down enough to sleep now.  Oh, and please buy my book, because it’s actually quite good.  My reviewers said so.


  1. I am so very proud of you!! I am also excited that your book will bring increased awareness of CHD. Perhaps if ‘local and national media types’ read your book, more attention (financial and otherwise) will be paid–I hope so! Did I mention that I am so proud of you?? ;-D

  2. Great news about the book sales.I read the prerelease copy.As the parents of a CHD son we were very moved.The book is well written,and it tells the CHD story “as it is.”

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