Heart Warriors, The Audio Book is Available

I’m so excited to thank Ken & Jo Catoe, Janice Mount, Dottie McClurg, Jim & Jane Adams, and Bill & Karen Adams for their support of the audio book!  I also have to thank Desiree for the amazing photograph of Liam.  I recorded the book myself at Studio Time in Fort Collins and spent many, many, oh so many hours editing it, but it is done and for sale.

I couldn’t have done it without the generosity of others who paid for the studio rental.  So, I decided that I would give a full 1/2 of my royalties directly to The Children’s Heart Foundation Colorado Chapter.  Nearly all of the money our chapter raises goes to national for research – research that may save Liam’s life one day and certainly will save the lives of tens of thousands of others with CHD, many of them who’ve not even been born yet.

So, paying it forward pays itself forward.  I hope the audio book sells well because the money really will help save lives, and those who don’t love reading might enjoy listening.

Here is the link and the audio book cover, all in one:


Tell me what you think.

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