Farewell For Now, Facebook

I’m on a Facebook break.  It may be a divorce.  I won’t know until I see how much I like my life without FB.  It started with me turning off notifications. I liked that so much that I categorized friends and acquaintances.  Then, I changed my security settings.

Finally, I realized I could just turn it all off.  I could leave Facebook! What a revelation.  So, just like that, I deactivated my account.  Then I realized my book page was gone, so I reactivated my account to make someone I trust the manager of that and my author page for now. It’s sort of like my lawyer handling the investments I have with FB that I can’t just give up.  When you’ve written a book, Facebook is a necessary evil.

But now, without my own active FB account, I’ve been delivered from the evil of far too many unfiltered thoughts, including my own.  Until or unless I go back, I won’t waste any more time lost in random FB posts when I could be doing any number of more productive things.  I can’t really make it to a real retreat, so this is my retreat.

I’m spending the rest of April abstaining from Facebook (my “lawyer” can post my blog links to the Heart Warriors page if he/she so chooses).  No travel, no charity events, no Facebook.  Happy April birthday month to me!  Hopefully, when April is over, I will either be entirely over FB, or at least cleansed of its ridiculous ability to waste my time and energy.  Either way it’s a refreshing change.

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  1. Let us know how it goes, Amanda. I find that I’m on most for my 2 business pages. Not sure I could fully give up on some people I’ve met through fb and enjoy. I’ll miss you! Have a great birthday month!

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